PM Life, a lifelong learning programme coodinated by a CLUSTER´s member

PM Life is a lifelong programme devoted to powder metallurgy (PM), which has been launched in 2008. it includes 5 training weeks, each one devoted to a specific PM process and hosted in a different venue across five European countries, ans a 3-week intership in a company or an academic research group. The training includes both fundamental and technological facets of the processes. The targeted audience comprises newly-recruited or regular employees of PM companies or universities, as well as PhD. students and recently graduated students. The students can attend the full programme  or pick specific modules. The programme is sponsored by EIT Raw Materials, which allows offering low registration fees. It is coordinated by Grenoble INP in close connection with the European Powder Metallurgy Association (EPMA).

More information can be found in the programme website:

EUCRITE International Staff Training Week, 6 to 8 February 2019, TU Graz


TU Graz is pleased to announce that it’s International Staff Training Week will be held from the 6 to 8 February 2019.

The three-day programme has a unique format which will include Guest speakers, regular sessions, debates, workshops, along with the opportunity to disseminate your university at the international exhibition (I-Day) and World café, cultural activities and social events. The outcome is to exchange experiences and know-how and participants who will learn from good practices of the partner institutions, obtaining the skills that are relevant for their jobs and their professional development.


The Staff Training Week is open to international relations professionals, administrative staff from the EUCRITE – European Centre for Refugee Integration in Higher Education – universities as well as staff members from CLUSTER.

After an analysis of the actual needs of staff dealing with refugee students at our universities and we are now ready to share our findings and training packages with you. The training packages are targeted at supporting staff in their interaction with displaced students. This first staff training event is also a test run for our material and we would like to invite you to engage in the activities/discussions as much as possible and share your ideas with us. Your feedback is crucial for us to make necessary adjustments to the material.

Here you can find the preliminary program as well as the Registration form of Graz University of Technology. Please forward this invitation email within your university. We are advertising this event preferred to CLUSTER members and are looking forward to receive your registrations until 15th December. A participation is only possible for staff being able to be present all three days. Please send registration forms directly to Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


We look forward to welcoming you!

Universities united for the best Horizon Europe, 8th November 2018

Leuven, 8th November 2018

View the statement here

The Framework Programme (FP) for Research & Innovation (R&I) aims to “deliver scientific, economic and social impact […] to strengthen the scientific and technological basis of the Union, and foster its competitiveness” . Cluster and thirteen European associations representing universities stress that recent developments in the negotiations within the European Parliament are undermining these aims. Building on our prior statement ‘Universities united for the best Horizon Europe’, these universities consortium want to underline in a common statement that:

1. The Framework Programme should continue to set the standard for excellence in Europe.

Excellence should be promoted wherever it occurs. Excellent researchers and innovators from all European countries should be stimulated to participate in the FP. We acknowledge that the current R&I divide is pressing, however it should be addressed through the reinforcement of synergies with regional funds and national measures, rather than be treated as a specific objective of the FP.

2. International collaboration between EU member states and other countries must be stimulated.

Research activities are in essence international. The FP should stimulate and facilitate participation of third countries. Furthermore, all associated countries should be allowed to fully participate in the FP. This will guarantee the attractiveness of the FP for researchers and innovators and ensure the desired impact.

We support the European Parliament’s plea for a considerable increase of the Horizon Europe budget, and want to reiterate that the necessary budget to accomplish its projected objectives is €160 billion. We also urge the European institutions to work towards a smooth start of Horizon Europe on 1 January 2021.

Great ranking of CLUSTER members in the 2018-REUTERS ranking “The world’s most Innovative Universities”

Known as one of the most famous University rankings, Reuters’ ranking “world’s most innovative Universities” was published at the beginning of October 2018. This ranking spotlights the dynamic of CLUSTER by standing out from the crowd some of its members. KU Leuven (Belgium) reached an astonishing 7th place in the ranking! This makes KU Leuven the first non-american university.


Not far behind, on the 12th place, is the federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL, Switzerland). Another CLUSTER member, Karlsruhe Insitute of Technology (Germany), is also nominated in this ranking (92th). Furthermore, two associate members of CLUSTER, Georgia Institute of Technology (USA), Tsinghua University (China) are also in the Top 100 with respectively the 29th, 44th place.

This ranking is based on several data including patent volume, patent success, width of the patents, patents citation and impact, numbers of articles published and their impact (quotations) and others similar criteria. To see the full methodology, report directly to the Reuters’s explanation.

CLUSTER congratulates all of its members and associate members for their performances in the Reuters’ ranking, especially KU Leuven for it’s top 10! These results are a true motivating factor for all of members and enhance the renown of CLUSTER.

E4T mid-term open event, 24-25 October 2018

On behalf of the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project Entrepreneurship Education Ecosystems in Engineering and Technology (E4T), Karlsruhe Institue of Technology invites you to the mid-term open event in Karlsruhe on October 24-25.

The aim of the event is to invite experts in the field of entrepreneurship education. There will be plenty of opportunities for networking with other experts.

Furthermore, the participation in the event is free of charge and registered participants will be offered one complimentary night at the Hotel Achat Plaza, dinner on October 24 and lunch on October 25. Participant are however expected to cover their travel costs with own funds.

Online registration:
Please register as soon as possible (first come first serve).

Please find the agenda and program information in the following document: E4T dissemination event.pdf

The Entrepreneurship Education Ecosystems in Engineering and Technology (E4T) is an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership including KTH Royal Institute of Technology (coordinator), Aalto University (co-coordinator), Trinity College Dublin, TU Darmstadt, Politecnico di Torino, Instituto Superior Técnico Lisboa, and KU Leuven.

The project will last 3 years, from 2018 to 2020, and its overall objective is to provide more graduates in engineering with entrepreneurial ambition, culture, and skills. The project also aims to increase the awareness of the importance of entrepreneurial skills and competences for international engineering education within university ecosystems and beyond.

If you have any questions or need further information, kindly send an E-Mail to Mirko Varano ( or Mette Svensson (

9th workshop of SEEEP, 25-27 September 2018

The 9th Workshop of Sino-European Engineering Education Platform was held at China University of Petroleum (East China)—UPC, in Qingdao, Shandong Province, P.R. China from September 25 to 27, 2018.

Participants of the 9th SEEEP Workshop

Topics of the workshop were:

  • Engineering education reform & practice
  • Entrepreneurship, innovation & industry collaboration
  • SEEEP project development experience sharing and education internationalization

Please also see:

TU Darmstadt: Call for Proposals – Career Bridging Grants

You are a Ph.D. student or a postdoc planning your next career step? You would like to apply for external funding to finance your own position but need to financially bridge the time up to the potential funding start? The Career Bridging Grant closes financial gaps between two career steps for candidates currently working at or aiming to work at TU Darmstadt. It provides short-term financial support for highly qualified candidates, who apply for funding with good prospects of success. The Career Bridging Grant secures financial support during the application process and thus facilitates a smooth transition to the next career step. This Career Programme is directed exclusively at international doctoral students and postdocs.

Please see Career Bridging Grants

In addition, the TU Darmstadt ‘Future Talents’ Postdoc Career Days were designed to ensure the best possible conditions to start your career at TU Darmstadt. To attract the best young research talents worldwide and create a vibrant international scientific community, ‘Future Talents’ invites exceptional young researchers from abroad to visit TU Darmstadt and discover our broad range of research and career opportunities.

Please see ‘Future Talents’ Postdoc Career Days

International Forum “Student technology entrepreneurship” November, 14-16, 2018, Tomsk Polytechnic University

Any modern university takes on additional roles for developing the social and economic environment of its city and region. Institutes for higher education start understanding the importance of entrepreneurship and innovation. Entrepreneurial mission is becoming one of the priority goals for most institutes of higher education in Russia.

One of the instruments to achieve this goal is to develop entrepreneurial skills and entrepreneurial thinking of students. Technological breakthrough is impossible without competent and talented youth. We need specialists who are able to determine development directions, set up goals and take responsibility for them. They should not only find current scientific possibilities but also be able to provide their practical application in order to meet the needs of consumers, industry and economics.

Moreover, it is becoming more and more important for big companies and corporations to have flexible employees who are ready for risk and able to design new products and innovations and bring them into the market.

Entrepreneurial thinking and spirit are becoming necessary competences for engineers and innovators.

The Forum “Student technology entrepreneurship” is a unique platform with an ideal environment for efficient interaction between concerned parties in the field of technology entrepreneurship for students.

The purpose of the Forum is to reveal best practices of entrepreneurial skill development of students from technical specializations and to apply them in modern universities.

The forum tasks:

  • To gather best practices of developing technology entrepreneurship skills for students;
  • To share experiences for betterment of existing methodologies for developing entrepreneurial competences of students in the field of science and technology;
  • To prepare a list of recommendations for the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation on entrepreneurship education for students with technical specializations.

Main participants of the Forum:

  • Universities (Russian, Asian and European) – developing entrepreneurial thinking, skills and spirit for students in technology (engineers and innovators).
  • Infrastructure – searching for competent specialists in technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship.
  • Corporations – searching for competent specialists for running and developing internal start-up projects.

The organizers of the Forum:

  • Tomsk Polytechnic University;
  • Tomsk region administration (on approval).

The partners of the Forum:

  • Consortium Linking Universities of Science and Technology for Education and Research (CLUSTER);
  • Association for Engineering education of Russia;
  • Autonomous non-profit organization «eNano» (RUSNANO group);
  • Association “Nonprofit partnership “Promotion of innovative technologies “Business partners”

The following events are planned to be held on the Forum:

November, 14th

  • Forum opening event – discussion platform “Student technology entrepreneurship: the role of the university in developing entrepreneurship competences”.
  • Round table discussions: “Best practices of developing technology entrepreneurship for students”, “Corporate entrepreneurship: how to train specialists for corporations?”
  • 7th Annual business projects contest “10K: ideas for life” (satellite event).

November, 15th

  • Expert seminar “Developing entrepreneurial thinking and skills for students in technology during their education process”.

More infos soon! Stay tuned!

International Staff Training Week, 8 to 12 October 2018, Tecnico Lisboa


Tecnico Lisboa, of the University of Lisbon is pleased to announce that it’s International Staff Training Week will be held from 8 to12 October, 2018.

The five-day programme has a unique format which will include Guest speakers, regular sessions, debates, workshops, along with the opportunity to disseminate your university at the international exhibition (I-Day) and World café, cultural activities and social events. The outcome is to exchange experiences and know-how and participants who will learn from good practices of the partner institutions, obtaining the skills that are relevant for their jobs and their professional development.


Detailed  programme information is available at Staff Training Week 2018 or download a brochure here.

The Staff Training Week is open to international relations professionals, administrative staff from international partners and non-partner Universities, as well as staff members from all Portuguese universities.

This initiative will enhance skills in 5 main areas:

1.              International Visibility;

2.              Dynamic Networks and Strategic Partnerships;

3.              International Student Recruitment Strategies;

4.              International Events/Fairs @ 2 campuses (Partner Exhibition & World Cafe);

5.              Job Shadowing Meetings.

Participation in the exhibition is strictly for our international partners, but national professionals are welcome to assist and network with our international partners.  The fair is used to disseminate international mobility opportunities to our students. Previous editions received more than 1000 students.

How to apply?

Fill in the application form as soon as possible, pay and benefit from a special discount. The Fee includes participation in exhibition (booth) / World café (coffee table) workshops, debate, guest speakers and cultural and social events. The online application is already open.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at

We would appreciate it if you could pass this information to interested persons in the international affairs area of your University.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Universities united for the best Horizon Europe, 15 June 2018

In the wake of the European Commission’s release of its outline for the Ninth Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (Horizon Europe), 14 European associations representing universities united to respond to the proposal. For universities, creating the best Horizon Europe possible is paramount as the programme is a key enabler in achieving European ambitions and strengthening values. By reinforcing research and innovation, Horizon Europe will impact the daily life of European citizens, European society as a whole and the European economy.

See the statement Universities united for the best Horizon Europe June 2018 made by the fourteen university associations.