What is the CSO?

CLUSTER Student Organisation or CSO is the official student body of CLUSTER, recognised by its General Assembly. Its function is to represent all students from each university and/or faculty that is a member of CLUSTER. They elected the members of the board, which is the executive body of the CSO.


Structure & Bodies

Student Assembly

The Student Assembly (SA) is the supreme decision-making body of the CSO. It is composed by the delegations from every university, each delegation having one vote. These delegations consists of 2 to 3 students nominated by their local representative organisation.

The Board

The chairperson

The leader of the Board, and the main representative of the CSO toward external entities. The Chairperson manages the internal resources of the CSO and follows-up on ongoing projects. The Chairperson is also the main contact point with the CLUSTER network representatives, and, as such, has the responsibility to keep the CSO informed about the agendas, projects and decisions of the SC and the GA.

The Secretary General

Acts as a global coordinator within the Board. The Secretary General manages the relations with all local representative organisations, and prepares the agenda of the SA meetings in collaboration with them. The Secretary General has the responsibility to write the official advice sent to the CLUSTER SC and/or GA and present them to the SA. The Secretary General is responsible to make sure minutes of SA meetings are taken and made available to all delegates.

The Host

A Board member elected for a shorter term than other Board members. The Host comes from the university in which the next meeting will take place, and will assist the Board with the organisation of all activities there. The Host gets elected at the end of each meeting to help organising the following one, and the mandate ends when that meeting has taken place.