CLUSTER General Assembly @KU Leuven

WG Africa meetingLast week we finished the last CLUSTER General Assembly under the KU Leuven presidency. CLUSTER-CESAER: Mattias (left) & Jos (right)Starting on the 10th of April, our members joined the working group meetings such as ‘Africa’ and ‘Associated Partners’, followed by the panel discussion ‘CLUSTER-CESAER’ between Jos Vander Sloten (Secretary-General CLUSTER) and Mattias Björnmalm (Secretary-General CESAER) which was moderated by rector, and CLUSTER president, Luc Sels. We ended the first day with a networking reception in the Machine-room where  KU Leuven houses an impressive collection of steam engines, jet engines and more.

Frank Weekers (UZ Leuven)

During the second day, several members joined a very interesting an unique tour of the University Hospital in Leuven. We started with an introduction provided by Prof. Dr. Frank Weekers (Operational Director), followed by a presentation and guided tour with demos in the Medical Imaging Research Center (MIRC). The members also had a chance to try their hand at using the robot surgery equipment. We ended the tour with a session on ‘the development of new data-driven technology to improve the care of ICU patients with traumatic brain injury’. In the afternoon we started the Steering Committee where we had several strategic discussions such as ‘CLUSTER in the geopolitical context’. Participants actively shared their knowledge and experience for the benefit of improving the network and the workings of each institution. We concluded the day with a gala dinner at ‘The Hoorn’.


The ‘General Assembly’-meeting on the 12th of April marked the last day of the conference. Paul Van Dun (General Manager of LRD Central Management & Head of Intellectual Property) gave a keynote presentation on Technology Transfer. In the following hours our members voted on financial aspects such as a new auditing system, the internationalisation of CLUSTER as well as the next CLUSTER president. We ended the event with a visit to the local ‘Stella Brewery’.

We give our thanks to all attending CLUSTER members for their active participation and valuable input!