Governing bodies

The two governing bodies of CLUSTER are the General Assembly, which consists of rectors and presidents of the member universities, approves actions and reports; and the Steering Committee, which consists of rectors, presidents or their delegates, proposes and manages actions. Both bodies are chaired by the CLUSTER President.


The Presidency of CLUSTER is personal and not attached to universities. The CLUSTER President must be a rector or president of one of the full members and is supported by a Secretary General to be appointed by the CLUSTER President among his/her staff members and a Coordinator. The Presidency rotates every 2 years and re-election is possible.

Operative initiatives

The operative initiatives are proposed and managed by Task Forces (transversal issues), Departments (issues related to particular scientific fields) and Working Groups (very specific activities with a limited duration). The CLUSTER universities also actively arrange staff weeks where other members can join.