Steering Committee II 2023 – Aalto

Tomorrow is the first day of the CLUSTER Steering Committee II hosted by Aalto University. The different working groups will take the time to discuss the development of their ongoing projects. For example, the WG European University Initiatives, or EUI for short, will consider the position CLUSTER takes within the vast number of European alliances. The WG Mobility on the other hand will talk about the next steps in their Blended Intensive Program or BIP-project. While the WG Associated Partners is looking into expanding the network outside of Europe. Additionally, our host will provide lunch and a tour of the campus in between these meetings.

CLUSTER Steering Committee-meeting takes place on Friday the 8th of September. Here our working groups chairs have the opportunity to share their projects with all the CLUSTER members. They will receive feedback and support as well as discover potential synergies between different groups.

Participants will also learn more on “Multispecies Sustainability in the Classroom: Teaching Transitions to Non-anthropocentric Futures” in the form of a keynote presentation given by associate professor of Sustainable Design, İdil Gaziulusoy.

The Steering Committee offers a great opportunities to share information, develop new or ongoing projects and improve science and technology for education and research. We wish all our members a pleasant and enriching time.

Finally, we want to offer our appreciation to Aalto University for agreeing to host the event. A special thank you to Mervi Rantanen and Najmeh Viki for taking care of the logistics.