Vision & Mission

In order to better act strategically and communicate its goals to the outer world, CLUSTER had adopted in May 2008 a VISION and MISSION statement

The VISION for CLUSTER is to become

  • The leading university network in technology for Research, Education and Innovation in Europe
  • A central player in the development of Knowledge & Innovation Communities in Europe.
  • The prime partner for Industry cooperation at the European level

The mission of CLUSTER is to:

  • Enhance cooperation among members to promote exchange, cooperation and interaction between students, faculty and administrative staff
  • Provide a strategic platform for joint programs within education, research and innovation for its members
  • Develop interaction, cooperation and joint programs with associate members
  • Promote exchange of ideas to support best practice in all aspects of university management and leadership
  • Provide a forum for strategic policy discussions among the leadership of CLUSTER universities
  • Benefit from EU programs within education, research and innovation
  • Become a strategic partner with the European Commission
  • Take a lead in pedagogical development to strengthen the education at the MSc and PhD level for CLUSTER members
  • Build partnerships with major European enterprises
  • Become the first choice for MSc engineering students in and outside Europe