Universities united for the best Horizon Europe, 8 November 2018


Leuven, 8th November 2018 View the statement here The Framework Programme (FP) for Research & Innovation (R&I) aims to “deliver scientific, economic and social impact […] to strengthen the scientific and technological basis of the Union, and foster its competitiveness” . CLUSTER and thirteen European associations representing universities stress that recent developments in the negotiations […]

Great ranking of CLUSTER members in the 2018-REUTERS ranking “The world’s most Innovative Universities”


Known as one of the most famous University rankings, Reuters’ ranking “world’s most innovative Universities” was published at the beginning of October 2018. This ranking spotlights the dynamic of CLUSTER by standing out from the crowd some of its members. KU Leuven (Belgium) reached an astonishing 7th place in the ranking! This makes KU Leuven […]

E4T mid-term open event, 24-25 October 2018, Karlsruhe


On behalf of the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project Entrepreneurship Education Ecosystems in Engineering and Technology (E4T), Karlsruhe Institue of Technology invites you to the mid-term open event in Karlsruhe on October 24-25. The aim of the event is to invite experts in the field of entrepreneurship education. There will be plenty of opportunities for networking […]

9th workshop of SEEEP, 25-27 September 2018, Qingdao


The 9th Workshop of Sino-European Engineering Education Platform was held at China University of Petroleum (East China)—UPC, in Qingdao, Shandong Province, P.R. China from September 25 to 27, 2018. Topics of the workshop were: Engineering education reform & practice Entrepreneurship, innovation & industry collaboration SEEEP project development experience sharing and education internationalization Please also see: […]

REDEEM2 Project Approved for Erasmus+ Funding


REDEEM2, a CLUSTER initiated project, has received approval for funding from the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships in Higher Education fund. The main goal of the REDEEM2 project is to develop a framework for Joint Programme (JP) development in STEM fields. The project also seeks to include employers and industry professionals in curriculum development and defining learning outcomes at the partner universities, […]

International Forum “Student technology entrepreneurship”, 14-16 November 2018, Tomsk


Any modern university takes on additional roles for developing the social and economic environment of its city and region. Institutes for higher education start understanding the importance of entrepreneurship and innovation. Entrepreneurial mission is becoming one of the priority goals for most institutes of higher education in Russia. One of the instruments to achieve this […]

International Staff Training Week, 8-12 October 2018, Lisbon


Invitation Tecnico Lisboa, of the University of Lisbon is pleased to announce that it’s International Staff Training Week will be held from 8 to12 October, 2018. The five-day programme has a unique format which will include Guest speakers, regular sessions, debates, workshops, along with the opportunity to disseminate your university at the international exhibition (I-Day) […]

EUCRITE Conference Feedback, 14 June 2018, Torino


EUCRITE – European Centre for Refugee Integration in Higher Education, is an Erasmus+ funded program (Sept. 2017 – October 2019) whose main goal is that of providing support and training to administrative and academic staff in their interaction with displaced students. In the frame of the project, Politecnico di Torino is pleased to invite participants […]

Universities united for the best Horizon Europe, 15 June 2018


In the wake of the European Commission’s release of its outline for the Ninth Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (Horizon Europe), 14 European associations representing universities united to respond to the proposal. For universities, creating the best Horizon Europe possible is paramount as the programme is a key enabler in achieving European ambitions and […]