SESE Call for Application 2016

SEEEP Doctoral Programs on Sustainability Engineering (SESE)

Call for new Programs 2016-2021

The programs approved in this Call will run from 2016 to 2021, for a maximum of 4. The 2016 SESE Call, among the ten areas listed in the MoU signed during the 1st Sino-EU Engineering Workshop, prioritises the following topics:

  • ICT; and
  • Advanced Manufacturing.

Each proposal must include between 2 to 4 SEEEP member universities, with one Chinese university and one European university, acting as the co-coordinators and with the possibility of having other Chinese/European university as partners.
Each SEEEP member university can apply for a maximum of one program as the co-coordinator, and participate in another program as a partner. Other SEEEP institutions can join the activities of the Doctoral Program but the coordination responsibility remains with the applicants.

Each Program is expected to promote activities contributing to the joint education of doctoral students and the exchange of research ideas and collaboration. The activities should include doctoral student mobility, joint co-supervision and research meetings/workshops held on a regular basis.

The duration of the exchange periods will depend on the financial resources available to the program, through the partners own resources and competitive grants. Should the financial conditions allow, the preferred exchange duration will be of 12 months for Doctoral candidates and 3 months for PhD supervisors.

The doctoral program must report once a year, covering the executed activities and plans for the subsequent year.

The application must be submitted electronically, using the specific SESE Application Form. Each proposal must include an Endorsement letter of each applicant university, at the adequate management level, to ensure the existence of institutional support at the right level of governance.

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30/09/2016 – Pre-application (submission of the 1st page of the Application Form)
30/10/2016 – Formal application (submission of the full file of the Application Form)
10/11/2016 – Results announced on the 5th Sino-EU Workshop (Guangzhou, China)

Please send the first pages of the application by email before September 30th 2016 to SEEEP Secretariat, and send by email before October 30th 2016 the completed application package, including CVs, Endorsement letters, in scanned copy and other supporting documents to SEEEP Secretariat
Contact Persons:

EU – Cluster:

Mrs Ana Pipio, IST – Lisbon


Mr. ZHANG Xiangrong
International Office, Tongji University
Tel: 0086 21 65989031, 65982950

SEEEP Secretariat:

September 10th 2016