SINO-EU Engineering Education Platform (SEEEP)

  Sino-European Engineering Education Plataform (SEEEP)

The Sino-European Engineering Education Plataforma (SEEEP), launched in September 2010, aims to promote substantial collaboration between Institutions of High Education in Engineering  in both China and Europe in the fields of talents fostering, exchange of students, teacher training, development of teaching materials and collaboration in scientific research programs in areas so diverse as:

  1. Climate change, environmental protection and sustainable urban development;
  2. New energy sources;
  3. Civil engineering and green architecture;
  4. Transportation and clean energy vehicles;
  5. Electrical and information engineering;
  6. Mechanical engineering;
  7. Material science and engineering;
  8. Life science and bioengineering;
  9. Management science and engineering;
  10. Creative design.

On the European side SEEEP comprehends the 12 CLUSTER Member Institutions collaborating with 18 top Chinese Universities in the area of Science, Technology and Engineering selected by the Chinese Ministry of Education.