Updated site!

Welcome to CLUSTER’s new homepage!

Over the last couple of months, we have developed a new website to update you on all activities the network has on offer. Our Sino-EU Engineering Education Platform has now optimal visibility on our website, just as our upcoming Anniversary Symposium ‘Challenges and Frontiers in Engineering Education’.

Also, we have created more space for our members to show their combined efforts in Education and Research. From now on, our members’ news will be prominently displayed on the home page of our network.

Still in progress is a new overview of all the study programs CLUSTER has on offer. CLUSTER has various interesting dual programs on offer, and an overview will be given on our website.

For more in depth information about CLUSTER an its members, do not forget to check the ‘about us’ pages. This is also the place where you can find the contact information of all our member institutions.

Since we have not yet finished the update, some pages might still be under construction. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly if you would like to have more information. We are currently working hard to have all information updated on our webpage.

Feel free to send us your comments and/or remarks.


The CLUSTER Presidency team