Strategic partnership-project supported by ERASMUS+ for evaluation of Double Degree programmes

What is the impact of double degree-studies for the students and what lessons can we learn from the stakeholders to become better in developing international programmes in the future?
The partners within CLUSTER have been cooperating in many programmes leading to joint or double degrees and it is time to gather the experiences of alumni, employers and programme directors to be systematically analyzed.

Within CLUSTER, a project has now started called REDEEM with support from Erasmus+ to learn from previous experiences of programmes on Bachelor- and Master-level leading to joint- or double degrees.

A kick-off meeting was held at KIT in Karlsruhe on 5-6 October to get to know about current programmes and policies at the involved partners and for planning of the two year project. The second meeting will be held at IST in Lisbon in January 2016 to develop the survey that will be developed to get input from former students.

E-mail to werge@kth.seĀ for more information about REDEEM.